Project Description


I am an esthete who likes beautiful people, fashion, architecture and nature. My soul is singing while observing the real beauty. I love to be creative. My passion is to create fashionable images, decorate the interior, come up with funny and cute parties for friends. I love drawing and singing. I love traveling because it means – learning and investigating new things. I am a curious person. What motivates me? It is gratitude, joy, and honesty of people that are next to me, my close people. I adore getting and making gifts.

Enjoying everyday life, I am dreaming of happy family life. I aspire to harmony and balance. I want to share it with the dearest ones in the future. Do you know what? I want to have a date with my husband in a hot air balloon. Crazy? Do not think so. And also to eat the most delicious croissants in Paris, then walk and play a little in Las Vegas! I have a bunch of other ideas, dreams and plans.

I learn to respect the personal boundaries of others and my own. I believe that a person should never stop developing itself, to stay always grateful to each situation that happens in life.