Project Description


It is not easy to stay a fragile and tender woman when you need to solve difficult and important life issues. I always try to keep my balance. It is difficult, but possible. I must admit that I love my life. I believe in the power of Love and the Universe. I respect sincere, intelligent, and open people! And of course – funny ones! First of all, we must feel love for yourself and then – we can share it with others.

Life teaches us – never know what to expect tomorrow. You may want something anxiously, but it is not always you who decide. At such moments, you understand how good it is to have a close person next to you who will give you a hand and you will find a way out of any situation.

Well, I may seem very serious, this is how my face looks like, my eyes, but this is not entirely true. I am an open and sociable person. I like fun. I like to meet new people, to spend time with my friends. My family means a lot to me.

I live in Ukraine and this country is beautiful to come and see. Other countries interest me so much! I like to see people traveling, exchanging experiences, getting new feelings and emotions.