Project Description


Some say I am very moody. Well, why not? Women are so unpredictable, even for themselves. I am smiling now, writing these words. I would better say that I am a rather sensitive person to feel things happen all around and react. Developing myself, I understand that my partner is someone who practices the same. I consider that people must be like puzzles, but at the same time, they have to keep their personality.

I am the founder of the author’s courses “Origins of Beauty”, a practicing master of nail service and eyebrows. I have been in this business for over 17 years. Why am I in it? I like to make people happy, to emphasize their beauty, to give them joy and self-confidence. I strive to give my students the maximum knowledge base, share my experience. I propose an individual approach to everyone. I am always happy with the successes and achievements of my students. It inspires me to strive for perfection, and we have no limit to perfection!

Entering my salon, my mind rejoices to a new day for honing my professional skills, enjoying communication, getting new emotions, and impressions. I dream to be surrounded by kind people and I am ready to respond the same.