Project Description


I am an expert in the field of communication culture: political speech, public speaking, speech techniques. I’ve created many courses and workshops. Being in the public is what I do every day.

What do I like in my everyday life, when I am free from…? I adore reading books (scientific literature, business literature), watching movies (comedies, melodramas). I Love traveling! And yes, I Love cooking.

My uniqueness is my flexibility; my friends appreciate that. I am telling you about these things (leisure), because I value the time I have for myself.

Who is my man? He is able to share my professional interests, not jealous, open-minded. I need understanding, generosity, and nobility.

Traveling, walking, watching a movie, going to the theater … That is what I need to relax!

Popularity is what many dream of, but not many manage to possess it. It could be a fluke or a talent. Also, it is a high degree of demand for someone and something. The main advantage of popularity is attracting attention. And this is a direct path to a personal brand. You can ask me ‘How?”