Welcome to Ukraine, Odessa.

I invite you to become a member of my team. You and me, we are going to work together.

I offer a professional matchmaking service and propose you meet single women from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova. I interview every woman in person to detect a scammer before we start working with her and also to learn properly her true intentions.

A Slavic woman is worthy of love and respect, however, like any other woman in the world. One of my aims is to destroy cliche and prejudices. There are different women in each country. We do not have to judge and treat all as one.

I do not promise that tomorrow you will build a family of your dream. My idea is to create a chance, to help, to support, to find a single puzzle, and to join it to its soulmate.

I do not promise the moon. Chemistry is something very unique. I am a realist and interested in the process itself. I value fidelity and devotion.

Remember, if you honestly aspire to bring happiness to your life – it will happen! There are hundreds of lonely hearts dreaming about a family, children, warm hugs, and sincere smiles. The Universe always gives us what we need and dream about.