How do I receive the contact details of a lady?

To receive contact details of a lady you should first write at least a couple of letters and arrange several video dates.

Your letters will be carefully translated. Your video dates will be assisted (and translated).

Why do I have to do this before requesting the lady’s contact details?

It is not obligatory to do what you have just read. You CAN get the contact details of the lady if you want, but according to the experience, this kind of ‘quick presentation’ leads to a quick misunderstanding between two. Both of you can be truly sincere with each other. At the same time, you are still strangers. Who will be guilty? Nobody. You will get more details about it asking the manager.

Also, respecting privacy, I never disclose contact details without a client’s leave. If someone does not feel like sharing its contact details, the request is declined. There should not be ANY offenses. So, in case not to get a refusal, it is better to start from something small, step by step. The whole process doesn’t have to last by months and years, but at least, not a day or two.