Project Description


My biggest goal in life is to be happy, cheerful, and to make this World beautiful! I want to live a long and fulfilling life in health and longevity, constantly learning, creating, and sharing something with other people. To cognize the beauty of this World in its diversity. I want to help each person to express itself.

For myself, I want to create my own little oasis of happiness with a loved one, with whom we will inspire each other. I see a house with a nice terrace for tea drinking and lots of greenery and flowers around!

Family is my highest value. It is a union of two people, with mutual respect, friendship, support, and care. Relationships must bring joy.

I really enjoy doing various creative work. What inspires me? I enjoy the company of motivated people around me. I love dancing. I adore nature and enjoy all seasons, all its elements.

My values ​​are awareness, truth, trusting, and sincere relationships in everything and with everyone! I want to see as many conscious people as possible. To notice, enjoy, and emphasize all the delights of life. Do any work with high quality and treat people kindly, getting better today than yesterday.