Unfortunately, if a client faced fraud once – there is no trust in any kind of online dating. Sad statistic and a big disappointment. One of the tasks of a good agency is to prove that there are many interesting lonely women, who are really trying to find their second half on the Internet. They really are!

Any agency can have problems with scammers. When a woman comes to register, the agency checks her passport, name, age, date of birth, and marital status. She speaks with a psychologist, answers many questions. It allows an understanding of what kind of person she is. If the agency notices a strange behavior, hints, or direct requests (on a dating process), the Lady’s profile is removed from the database.

The agency must warn women not to ask for money for any needs. The agency must warn all men not to send money to women they do not know well, have never seen in reality.

DO NOT SEND MONEY to women you have never met!

When you come to our country to visit a woman, I will give you accurate instructions about many things you can meet head-on.

If a woman asked for money (and I still have not noticed it) – do not give anything. You can reply to her nicely that you are not ready yet for this step between the two. Then I ask you to inform me. Let me solve this question.

It is better not to mention your salary in your correspondence at once. Are you here for that? Do you plan to marry her tomorrow? No! So, speak about things you can afford at this moment or not, just like that.

Don’t rush the relationship! Take your time and get to know a woman. Remember, a traditional scammer needs fast results. Another kind of scammer moves to their aim slowly, smart and wise.

Let me know if you get:

strange questions

suspicious offers

illogical content in the correspondence

personal invitation to visit a lady, avoiding the agency

stories about unexpected illness, tragedies, etc., this is the most common scam used.

Please, remember, you are people that try to learn more things about each other, you share news of your everyday life and of course, there are going to be some sad, strange and funny stories. I ask you not to be crazily suspicious, but to use your intuition or just take (call, write) my advice.

If a woman writes that she wants to come to see your country – it is great! We all must prepare for this moment. We will start preparations to make it comfortable, safe, and good budget.

I hope my advice will help you not to be scammed.

Note: If you met a Lady whom you know to be a scammer, please, send me a letter with any proofs of it.