If you’ve been to a supermarket lately, likely you noticed the magazine section, sometimes it’s at the checkout counter so you cannot miss it.  Did you notice that over 80% of the covers of those magazines show images of women?  Pictures and ideals of feminine beauty in fact are everywhere, on the sides of buses, on billboards, and certainly in television shows, movies, and advertising. There is a tacit acknowledgement of the power and beauty of women, their depth of emotion, and their mysterious alignment with the forces of nature.  They embody a sexual mystique, and really most men are quite fascinated by them, to say nothing of the fact that every man (and woman) was brought into this world by one.  Even as a slowly changing male-dominated culture is still in place, it is evident that women are the focus of much of the attention of society.  Sure, there are GQ gentlemen and a variety of male celebrity heartthrobs, but the majority of images of beauty we see all around us depict women.

Tastes vary greatly amongst men in terms of what they are attracted to in a woman.  Here are five general categories of types of men, and what they like:

  1. Leg Man – maybe you know one, he tends to like high-heel shoes, since they change the shape and walking style of a woman. When he notices her wearing a skirt or shorts, his eyes immediately are drawn to her legs, her stockings or socks, a certain shape of her calves, the curves of her thighs… some Leg Men like long legs, others like strong legs, or very thin legs. They might spend time in situations that increase their chances of seeing legs, such as at a tennis court, yoga studio, or nightclub. Studies have suggested that men who like large legs can be a bit shy, and prefer a more dominant type of woman, while those who like smaller legs are more socially dependent and outgoing.  No matter which kinds of legs you have, if he is a Leg Man, he’s got his eye on yours.
  1. Boob Man – for lack of a better term, you know what this fellow is noticing. You can usually tell this type because as you are speaking to him face to face, his eyes will soon wander… repeatedly. He thinks he’s being discreet, but in fact he’s terribly obvious and doesn’t realize that you’ve caught him every time.  Some Boob Men like large breasts, which evolutionary studies have interpreted as a marker of a female’s fertility.  Those men are frequently independent types, enjoy a lot of attention, and have “masculine” interests such as sports, according to two major research studies.  One study also revealed that those who prefer smaller breasts tend to be more reserved and polite.  Regardless, you will always know this guy, and feel free to remind him where your eyes are when you are conversing.
  1. Ass Man – these gentlemen are the easiest to spot. When you are seated together at a restaurant, whenever a woman walks by (and her buttocks are at eye level this way), he will invariably start turning his head as she passes. He almost seems to be fighting it, but unlike the Boob Man, makes little effort to conceal his fascination.  He likes jeans, skirts, dresses… in fact, the Ass Man likes just about anything you wear.  Even if he cannot see your particular shape, he will be happy to try and imagine it.  There are well-known studies about your hip-waste ratio as another marker of fertility, so if this kind of man is noticing those things, sex might be on his mind… not that Leg Men and Boob Men aren’t thinking that way too, they are… the Ass Man, however, has a more direct sexual impulse driving him.  The next time you are at dinner, you can remind him about where his eyes ought to be kept… on you.
  1. Face Man – Perhaps we don’t traditionally think of the face as a sexual asset, but it certainly is, and many men indicate this is the first thing they notice and pay attention to, and everything else is secondary. They appreciate your body of course, but at least you know where their eyes will be most of the time. This man is easily seduced by a beautiful face, a smile, laugh, a certain shape of chin or bone structure.  He may in fact not even care if you are wearing makeup or lipstick all of the time, he is simply in awe of your natural beauty.  He might be a more talkative and personality-oriented individual, since so much of the interaction happens through the face and eyes.  Nevertheless, he will be gazing into yours often.
  1. Personality Man – you weren’t expecting that, were you? After a bit of reading and asking around, I discovered that a very high number of men indicate that what is inside a woman is what they care about the most. They list traits like reliability, kindness, acceptance, confidence, humor… in fact it soon became clear that there are at least five types of Personality Man.  No matter what you look like, this man wants to know you, who you are, underneath everything.  He definitely likes all those other parts of you, too… but he wants most of all someone to relate with, no matter how you look… and, he likes to talk and listen.

So in a world filled with Photoshopped images, sometimes impossible ideals of beauty, plastic surgery, and all forms of body modification, we can notice that what a man will be most attracted to about you, ultimately, is YOU.  The first time he sees you he will look for those things he prefers, depending upon his type, but after that initial period of external fascination passes, it’s time to find out really who’s inside.  No matter how well you fit his ideals physically, the real indicator of love will be revealed when he gets to know you underneath all of those things.  Please, continue to wear those great outfits, and do all the things you do to demonstrate your best features, but don’t forget that ultimately most of us really want to know your heart.