Today you can find hundreds of opinions about reasons Ukrainian (Russian) women want to marry a foreigner. Of course, your mind will choose the variant that is closer to your heart (than others are). That is ok. Let’s make some conclusions about that.

Men’s thoughts about women:

–              They want our money

–              They want to move to another country to have a better life

–              They want to prove smth to ex-husbands, friends, relatives, etc.

–              They want to marry and then to find another one here

–              They want a good future for their children

Women’s thoughts about men:

–              They come here to have fun

–              They want us to be their wives to serve them and their families

–              They want to take our children away

–              They want us to give them babies and then they get rid of us

–              They are maniacs

After all these words, how do you think, can we talk about trust, faith, and love? How many chances do we have to match singles? How is it possible to dream about an international marriage having such ideas?

There are three choices for men and women:

  1. You do not trust anyone, forget the idea of this kind of marriage, and stop infecting others with ideas of that kind.
  2. You do not think in that way and believe that your story is not as others have.
  3. You keep all those things in mind but use your brain, think, analyze, check, making your own impressions.

We can share our experiences, listen to happy and sad stories, get disappointed, or find faith. Each experience is very helpful.

Be honest with yourself. Do not be afraid of being used, because you also use others when you need that. But be smart, noticing that you are used by others.

Life proved many times that each moment from the list above you are scared – will come to your life for sure. So, what do you really want? When you find the true answer, you get all the other answers.

Be egghead. Have a mind of your own.