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Who is a matchmaker?2020-05-31T20:15:25+03:00

It is a person that possesses a high level of emotional intelligence. This person can focus dedicated attention on you and what you really want in a partner.

What is a matchmaking?2020-05-31T20:15:42+03:00

Matchmaking is the process of trying to arrange marriages or relationships between other people.

Coaching or consulting?2020-05-31T20:14:46+03:00

Coaching and consulting are not duplicate methods for one simple reason: the coach gives and advises his client to achieve his goal, and the consulting – consultant is limited to making recommendations, giving the client the opportunity to continue to act independently.

How do I know that I need a matchmaker?2020-05-31T20:17:49+03:00

An initial consultation will help you understand a little bit more about the process. It is important you feel comfortable. Whether you are new to dating or already have some experience, you still have questions. If you are preparing for the wedding, then you have no questions, besides, how best to spend a honeymoon.

Are you a marriage agency?2020-05-31T20:16:14+03:00

Not exactly. All potential candidates are not on the website. You will not find the Gallery. You may see just some new videos we made during organized events or parties. A client applies and we start the process of headhunting. Each “order” is individual. The main thing provided is an introduction.


How long does the membership lasts?2020-06-08T20:07:27+03:00

The process is tailored to the client’s individual requirements. Membership duration varies.

How does it work?2020-06-08T20:07:31+03:00

A matchmaker must understand what you are looking for (via video call). We determine the range of services that you need. You fill out a questionnaire, provide good (quality) photos. We liaising with you all the time.

Will my profile be visible to the public?2020-06-08T20:07:35+03:00

No. Your data will be visible only to a matchmaker.

What is the guarantee of my cooperation with you?2020-06-08T20:07:40+03:00

You sign a contract.

What is Verification of Clients? Do you have confirmed profiles? How do you vouch for women?2020-06-08T20:07:46+03:00

The registration package includes: woman’s document verification by scanning some pages of her passport and their verification (passport), verification of additional documents confirming her identity and place of residence (driver’s license and statement of payment of utility payments), an initial interview and the questionnaire.
The documents are a commercial secret and cannot be transferred to the client (male) upon request in accordance with the law on the protection of personal data in force in Ukraine.

Advantages of writing letters?2020-06-13T02:20:30+03:00
  1. You have time and the possibility to express yourself, your thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  2. Today we all can easily exchange short messages, but what can you learn from it? You just can get information like ‘how are you doing?’, ’are you ok?’, ‘how was your day?’
  3. If a woman does not know your language, she can use google translator. Remember that that system of translating does not give an exact interpretation. You do not need it at the beginning of your relations.
  4. To write a letter is not an old-fashion system, that is an absolutely normal and natural process. While writing, you learn more about yourself too. You get a guarantee that each of your sentences will be translated properly and a woman will know what you think about.
  5. You can choose a Video Date instead of a letter. It looks easier and quicker, but … are you in a hurry?
  6. It is enough to have 2-3 letters per week to learn more about your partner in addition to video communication.
I’d like to send a gift to a lady. What should I do?2020-06-17T21:16:22+03:00

A gift will be delivered in 3 days. However, sometimes it takes more days to deliver the gift due to various reasons. One of the reasons may be the kind of the chosen gift. Then you will get photos of your lady, holding the gift.

If you are interested in knowing the most popular holidays in Ukraine, they are the New Year (Jan, 01), the St. Valentine’s Day (Feb, 14), and the International Women’s Day (Mar, 08).

If you are religious – you can send a gift to a lady to any religious holiday too.

Usually, we choose a gift together with you to make it as appropriate and profitable as possible.

Do you have Romance Tours?2020-06-17T23:44:40+03:00

Yes! There are 4 Days Tours, 2 Days Tours, or Planned Holidays (with your soulmate). You will get well-organized small events. It will contribute to the development of your relationship. You will be able to concentrate directly on your soulmate.

Also, you can make a trip together with your woman (to get to know each other better) to the neutral territory.

What if I do not want your Romance tours? How can I meet my lady?
You can get your lady’s contact details and arrange a trip to her on your own.

What is Ukrainian Dating Event?2020-06-17T22:18:20+03:00

COVID-19 changed all plans for the Summer season. We are going to appoint the date of the next Ukrainian Dating Event as soon as it will be possible.

How it works.

Location and accommodation: Hotel Continental (Ukraine, Odessa)

Price: (4 days Thursday-Sunday)

Party: Friday 5 p.m.- 10 p.m.

Guests: 10-15 men, 25-30 women.

Tour reservation:

  1. Please, complete and submit the order form https://forms.gle/F5ZYoSNGkLpd7FCH6 and we also propose our questionnaire (you can send it later) https://forms.gle/kUWwAVbstD9ZRTvJ8 .
  2. Please, be sure to include your phone number and email address.
  3. The manager will contact you within a day to confirm your
    application for participation.
  4. The event is by invitation only, fully catered.
  5. We will send you the agreement so that you could learn our rules and conditions.
  6. Our comfortable office is available for you during the tour for all your needs (regular working hours, including holidays).
  7. We will assist with any logistics, advice, or any needs you may have.
  8. Our interpreters will stay with you during the party and assist you in introducing to women.
  9. During the party, you can/should meet and talk to as many women as possible.
  10. When you do discover the woman you would like to see again, we will assist you in that too.
  11. The program of each tour is very individual according to requested needs and your questionnaires.

* transfer from the airport, introductory dinner with all guys and managers of the company, leisure program before the party (one three-hour guided tour), the party itself, free time, or appointed meetings with ladies, depending on requests (amusements), transfer to the airport.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our services!

For more information CONTACT the Manager and mark ‘Ukrainian Dating Event’

Contacts and Real-Life Meetings with women. How does it work?2020-06-18T00:58:31+03:00

How do I receive the contact details of a lady?

To receive contact details of a lady you should first write at least a couple of letters and arrange several video dates.

Your letters will be carefully translated. Your video dates will be assisted (and translated).

Why do I have to do this before requesting the lady’s contact details?

It is not obligatory to do what you have just read. You CAN get the contact details of the lady if you want, but according to the experience, this kind of ‘quick presentation’ leads to a quick misunderstanding between two. Both of you can be truly sincere with each other. At the same time, you are still strangers. Who will be guilty? Nobody. You will get more details about it asking the manager.

Also, respecting privacy, I never disclose contact details without a client’s leave. If someone does not feel like sharing its contact details, the request is declined. There should not be ANY offenses. So, in case not to get a refusal, it is better to start from something small, step by step. The whole process doesn’t have to last by months and years, but at least, not a day or two.

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