Do You Feel That Everything In Life Happens For A Reason?

What if it is high time now to change something in your life and make some new decisions?

Travel to Ukraine! Get new experience or continue exploring this country.

To make you feel safe and comfortable, some services are waiting for you here.

  • All kinds of reservations, ticketing, appointments, flowers, goods purchase (deliveries), grocery shopping and miscellaneous instructions.

  • Visas and documents support, transfer and transport rental, guide and interpreter services, personal assistance.

  • Exchange rates, ATMs, banks, other economy information.

  • Wine-making region tours, best restaurants and club reservations.

  • Private party organization or just short weekend tours.

  • Sea time. Sailing, Yachting and Diving in Odessa (summertime).

You cannot dispute the fact that it is pleasant and convenient to have a trustee in a new country, delegate certain duties to make a trip easier and more comfortable.

I will be happy to assist you in this wonderful journey and make it easy, pleasant, and successful for you!

Service: Personal assistance.

  1. Photo album “My memories”. You will get a photo album with good memories of your trip.

  2. Gifts for women. If you have someone special here (in Ukraine), a woman you want to pamper with something – you can order any gift you want and I will help you with the organization.

  3. Personal guide. If you have some plans in Ukraine, we can discuss it. I can offer you a personal guide-interpreter (English, German, French, Italian etc.) during your stay.

  4. Shopping day! We can make it together – funny and nice. Fresh local food, clothes, toothpaste, souvenirs to your relatives, etc.

  5. Concerts, theaters, exhibitions, local events. Not to stay at the hotel all day long or be bored at the pub – you can choose an alternative. There are many things to discover.

  6. Russian language hours. Yes! It is what you need to understand that there is something more difficult than Mendeleev’s Periodic Table. You can take a couple of lessons or order a course (1 month) to try. You will learn the alphabet and simple daily phrases. It will be enough (at the beginning) to astonish your woman or just for your personal curiosity.

  7. Package “Lucky day!” It is a short one-day program to have a nice time in the city. You inform me about your preferences and I propose you the best solution and schedule of your day.

  8. Transfer and accommodation. New country, new people, an airport – where to go? You will get a safe taxi and an interpreter will make you feel comfortable. A hotel or a cozy apartment? If you want to be mobile and just need a room – it is better to choose a hotel. If you plan to invite guests, to have a home meal, to relax and feel like the citizen – your choice is a nice apartment. We will talk about it and decide, considering your aims.

  9. Your personal correspondence. If you want to start exchanging letters with your special woman, need translation and advice– you can have this service. How needs letters today? Some ideas are HERE.

  10. Travelling, visas. We will find the best solution considering your situation.

Service Package: Couple’s support.

  1. Photo album “Memories for two”. Each moment of your life is precious. You can stop the time together with someone very special to your heart. Professional-looking photos for you!

  2. “Romantic time”. You met a Lady who captured your heart. You are tired of restaurants or just want to try something new that can unite your hearts. I have some exclusive propositions for both of you.

  3. “All around the world”. Check how good both of you while traveling. Choose any country you want. In addition, there are many interesting places around Odessa to visit. I promise you will not even notice an invisible taxi driver and an interpreter next to you.

  4. “She lives so far!” High-quality delivery of your gifts to a Lady that lives in Odessa region.

  5. “English for my Bride”. You can present the special precious gift to your woman. The program is oriented to brides that plan to work hard for quick adaptation. Actual topics, vocabulary, pronunciation, practice (to get rid of the fear to speak), etc. It is all about the things you both face in reality. She will learn the material we call “everyday life with my fiancé”. You will receive reports on lessons learned.


This service is good for those who found Love and Enjoy relations before making the Next step.